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Foundry Services for Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta and the U.S.

At Delburne Foundry Ltd, we strive to be globally competitive with all of our current and future customers, and we’re very proud that everything we produce and machine is 100% Canadian-manufactured. Since 1975, we’ve been known for our excellent service. Call Delburne Foundry Ltd today for your aluminum, bronze and zinc casting needs.

We proudly serve the Calgary area, Alberta and the U.S.

Products and/or Services

As a full machine shop complete with CNC milling and turning centers, we are able to produce completely finished parts, including:

  • Manufacturing aluminum, zinc and bronze alloys using sand and permanent mould die casting
  • Pattern work and tooling
  • CSA/UL approved industrial lighting for hazardous areas
  • Manufacturing agricultural parts
  • Manufacturing parts for recreational equipment, such as boats and playgrounds
  • Bronze casting for custom artwork, signage and plaques

Business Names

  • Doug Burren, President (2002), with company since 1986
  • Chris Burren, Vice President, (2002), with company since 1986
  • Jay Burren, General Manager, (2002)

 100% Canadian

We're a family owned business serving Canada and the U.S. for 40 years.

Delburne Foundry Ltd
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